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A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

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Why The Zoo Fence? One night in 1974, in a fishing camp on the windward side of Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands, we had a dream about publishing a journal called The Zoo Fence. The name probably originated from the practice of the Honolulu Zoo to allow artists to display their art work on the zoo fence along Monsarrat Avenue in Waikiki. But beyond that, who knows what the subconscious meant by the phrase! In any case, it made sense in the dream, and when, more than two decades later, The Laughing Cat decided to issue a newsletter, the choice of a name seemed already to have been made. (For one interpretation of the name, please see the item Why the zoo fence? on our Letters page.)

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stefan nadzo's commentary on the spiritual life

One day in Eden, Adam sees Eve for the first time.
“I am Adam,” he says to her.
“Yes, I know,” Eve replies, “so am I.”

In The Beginning Chapter 2

stefan nadzo The Zoo Fence A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

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A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not whine.

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The Zoo Fence A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

A seeker’s rule of thumb:
If it can fit into your mind, it’s too small.

A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

Inevitably and rightly, there is a lot on The Zoo Fence about scriptures considered sacred by various traditions. As you read those comments and observations, please understand that nothing written here is, or is intended to be, an academic consideration. I am not a theologian, biblical scholar, or historian. I am not an expert. In the context of this website, my interest in sacred writings is solely as a spiritual seeker who has undertaken a personal, inner journey for the Truth of who and what and where I am. I know that many of my statements, and perhaps even all of my conclusions, will not reflect, and perhaps may even contradict, current orthodoxy, theology, and history. I mean no disrespect by that, but it does not concern me, for again I am not an academic, and this is not an academic undertaking. For me, the scriptures of the world’s spiritual traditions are a guide and a tool and a vehicle which can facilitate and accelerate my own personal passage along the spiritual path only if I understand their message to me. Therefore, I take it to be my duty, even my sacred responsibility, to discover and understand their meaning to me personally, to decipher what the Universal Teacher intends for me to see in them and to do by them. Here, on The Zoo Fence, I share that with you, and I ask that you read it in that spirit.

A Commentary on The Spiritual Life


A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

Yulia Navalnaya & Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny

A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

The Zoo Fence A Commentary on The Spiritual Life
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A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

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