The Zoo Fence

Let There Be Light

Here is a practice I use sometimes —

· Sit comfortably, quietly, preferably (but not necessarily) alone.
· Come together in place, relax, and release.
· Invoke your Teacher. If you do not yet know your Teacher (although you may rest assured your Teacher knows and recognizes you), visualize and invoke a Teacher from a tradition you know and trust — Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Ramana, Rumi, the Holy Spirit, or the like.
· Now, in your mind’s eye, see a small, intensely bright, white light within you, at or near your heart.
· Calmly, confidently, observe the light as it increases in size in all directions, now filling your chest, now filling your entire body, your limbs, your hands, your feet.
· Observe as the light extends beyond your body in all directions, into and through your house or office or wherever you are, and from there into and beyond your neighborhood, and from there beyond, endlessly expanding.
· Let there be no restrictions or limitations on the light as it develops, grows, and expands. Allow the light to bathe everyone and everything in its path, equally. Your friends and your foes, the good and the bad, the known and the unknown, the past the present the future. Impose no judgments whatsoever. Simply let the light expand, and observe it.
· Continue to observe the ever expanding light as long as you are comfortably able to do so.
· Then gently stop.
· Now, sit quietly for a few more moments. When it is no longer comfortable to do so, continue for another two moments; then …
· Bless the light with your love.
· Thank your Teacher.
· And walk on.

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