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The Zoo Fence - A Spiritual Commentary
The Way Home

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Theophyle wonders about God

koan at define.html


In Zen, a koan is a word puzzle, sort of. See here.

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God Exists
Bumping Into A Friend
Teach Us To Love
Favorite President
Daylight Saving Time
Dinner Out?
Ninety Years!

There Be Dragons
Do Your Horoscope!
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Horror Story
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Here I Am
Reading Ibn 'Arabi
The Word Religion
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Making Snow
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In The Market
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Jury Duty II
Summer Flies
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In The Mail
Compiling Differences
Take A Breath
Laundry Day
The Calendar

How old?
Writing A Novel
Taking It With You
Not Quite Finished

What Was Given
What You Ask For
Walking A Treadmill
Fresh Water Conservation
What To Read

What Size
Living Trust
Taking Vitamins
My Problem Is
Drawing & Jumping

No How
Creation & Evolution
Can't Remember
In The Garden

Are you really?
Doing Battle
The Middle Way
Whoso Knoweth

Favorite Music
Having It All
Near To God

All Locked Up
Looking Better
Valentine's Day
More Like God
All The Time

In A Mirror
The Most Difficult Thing
At The Auto Parts Store
Splitting Firewood
The Future

No Parking
The New Year
How Will I Know
Deer Hunting
Cross The Road

Who am I?
What you see
Not a real character
Vacation plans
Past Lives

A Dream
Hocus Pocus
At The Auction

Days Like That
Peace Conference
Foolish Consistency?
Warm in The Cold?
Not Everyone

My aura's better!
I'm in crisis!
My ankle?!
Can't think of
Dead? Wazzat?

I am not a body
What's your name?
The ladder days?
How do you know?
Spontaneous spontaneity!

Celebrating Holy Days
So long
Which you?
Talking to God
On this very site

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Brother Theophyle at The Zoo

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