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Forgive Them, Father
Michael Rezak

About this piece, Michael wrote us, “This is something that came to me the other day, and that I find quite powerful. I would like to share it with others at The Zoo Fence.”
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Whenever you’re feeling troubled, confused, or in all sorts of judgment that you are fooling yourself that you can not let go of, try this exercise.

Stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself straight in the eyes. Say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Then, to the best of your ability, remember it is you who are “Father” and it is you who are “they”.

Allow it all to swim around you for a while. You will come through in Peace, for there is only one problem, to which there is only one solution.

I do not know if those are the exact words of Jesus, but a part of me remembers that they are the last thing he said on the cross, and being so, they are bound to be of a powerful vibration. And, being that powerful, they are bound to call in all sorts of heavenly assistance to our Self.

This exercise grants me the opportunity to see exactly where the judgment lies, and who is really doing the attacking.

Isn’t it the case that when we feel attacked, it is almost certainly we who are attacking?

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No Matter What
Michael Rezak

No matter what,
I Am Here.
No matter how,
I Am Here.
I am all ways present, here at the core of every thing, and even at the core of no thing at all.
I Am That I Am, plain and simple,
Plainly and simply put.

Should you look for Me elsewhere, I shall not be found,
As you see, I am the One who is seeing.

I know That I Am, impossible to be un-known, even when not known.
I Am Here.

You can not remember Me, nor can I be forgotten.

No matter what,
And matter what,
I Am Here.

I Am the Truth of yourself, yes yourSelf.
I Am the Truth of yourSelf.

You are nothing without Me,
And you are no thing with Me.
But you know, you already know, you directly realize.

Regardless of All,
Regardless of Naught,
I Am Here.

Check it out for yourSelf, and see.

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