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This is part of a letter we wrote to TZF’s good friend, Elsa Joy Bailey. This material, and a lot of other good stuff, can be viewed on her website,

Don’t worry that you don’t know for sure where your life is headed. You don’t need to know. Your function is to live (be) your life. That, after all, is what you are: the Divine being you.

That’s what each of us is. God Elsa’ing. God Stefan’ing. God Nancy’ing. So, let Mother design your life, and you simply be it. That way, you avoid all the karmic baggage that comes with choices & consequences. And, face it, you never really did know where your life was headed, anyway. None of us does. We think we do because we have carefully laid plans and schedules. “Look, I’m in charge! I’ve got a drawer full of calendars, resolutions, insurance policies, and other documents to prove it.” But then we end up expending as much energy revising, adjusting, adapting, and footnoting those as we did developing them.

The appearance of order in our lives is an illusion created by the ego in its endless effort to offer itself as a substitute for God. “You don’t need Him!” our mind insists. “I can perform all the functions He promises, and at half the price.”

Divine Chaos is the Natural State of the Universe. Consider the writings of all the great mystics. None of them has any idea where their lives are headed or what’s in store for them, and, what’s more, none of them cares. Just like a child, with perfect faith in its parent. Of course, getting to that Place is scary as the devil (because the ego knows that if it weren’t terrifying, we’d leap immediately!). But it’s where every true spiritual path leads. Thank God.

Being Who We Are

Sez who?

Spiritual Healing

Just for a second or two I realize, I mean I really realize, that this – all this – is really here. That it exists. And that I’m part of it. I don’t know. Somehow it just recently hit me that when philosophers talk about the nature of reality, they’re not talking about words, or ideas, they’re talking about things like this box, and this newspaper, and this pen in my hand. Which are all real.

David Ives in “Long Ago and Far Away”

Spiritual Healing

Ten percent of those performing every human endeavor,
whether physicians, sculptors, auto workers, chefs, painters, or loggers,
are artists.
The rest are mechanics.
The difference is, the artists are being what they do,
and the mechanics are doing what they do.
Happiness lies in finding the artist …
in them, and in ourselves.


Spiritual Healing

Woman of Summer – Annie, by Karen Turdo
”Woman of Summer – Annie” by Karen Turdo

Spiritual Healing

Our All-Time Favorite Book Titles

It is commonly said you cannot tell a book by its cover, and that is surely true enough at many levels. All the same, sometimes a book’s title say so much so well and so clearly, that it is almost not necessary to read the book itself. Over the years, we have come across no more than, and perhaps not even as many as, a dozen such titles. However, there have been a few, and here we offer what we consider to be five of the very best. As you consider these, please keep in mind that they are our pick of best book titles, not necessarily best books (although these might very well be on that list, too). (Those we could find there, we have hyperlinked to the internet bookstore,

So, in the category “books whose titles speak volumes”, the winners are:

Going up!

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