The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Not Quite Finished

With one hand hidden behind his back, Brother Theophyle says, “Rabbit, guess what I've got behind my back.”

Rabbit is only partly drawn. A large, yellow crayon is protruding into the cartoon, and is in the process of drawing Rabbit. There is also a large artist's eraser and pencil sharpener. Rabbit responds to Theo, “Wait a moment, I'm not quite finished yet.”

On the ground beside Theo are a blue jay and a garden spider. Speaking to the Cartoonist who is directing the crayon, Jay says, “Hey, how come you never give Rabbit a mouth?”

To which Spider adds, “A couple of arms would be nice, too.”

In the next panel, the cartoon is completed, the yellow crayon is gone. Rabbit says to Theo, “Okay, I give up. What did you have behind your back?”

Theo, with his right arm now showing, replies, “My right hand, of course.”

To the side, climbing a nice web, is Spider, who asks, “Here's a question. Did I spin this web, or did the Cartoonist draw it?”

Overhead, flying off into the distance is Jay, who wonders, “What's the difference?”