The Zoo Fence
· The Sacred Riddle ·


There are numerous references on The Zoo Fence to the fundamental mystery of life that we sometimes call The Sacred Riddle.

Birds in a cage

As we perceive the Universe (about which, please read “The Simple Way”), if God is Infinite, as is stipulated by virtually all Teachers and traditions, then it is inescapably and logically necessary that somehow God is us. And that's because an Infinite Being has no limits (that's what being infinite means), and so must be wholly everything everywhere always, without exception. (If there were any exceptions, or any aspect of the Universe not wholly God, then God would be only “partly infinite” or “mostly infinite”, and clearly that makes no sense.)

And yet, if God is Infinite, and somehow wholly us, then we too must be infinite. But if that's the case, why is it that we feel ourselves to be so decidedly limited (or, un-Infinite)? What's more, if God is likewise inherently Eternal and Indivisible and Blissful, as surely God must be, then why do we perceive ourselves and our lives and our world to be so evidently mortal, apparently many and, too frequently, miserable? All of that rolled together is the question we call The Sacred Riddle.

Here we offer a poem on the subject, a very short story, a playlet, and some other stuff. To read each, please choose from the menu at left.

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