ACIM & Gurus

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ACIM & Gurus

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Some time ago, someone added us to the mailing list of a Yahoo! Group called Awakening in Christ which is about A Course in Miracles. Whoever it was, I'm glad they did, because some of the stuff we receive from the group is very good.

This morning's message about Gurus is an example.

A question was posted to the Board asking, "Is it helpful to have a guru in your life, especially when you have dark night of the soul to go through?" (The term "dark night of the soul" was coined, I believe, by St. John of The Cross in his book with that title. It refers to the cleansing or purgation process experienced by a seeker leading to Mystical Re-Union in the Divine.)

The Board's answer was, "Role models (such as gurus or teachers or guides) are very helpful stepping stones as the ego is undone. They can be inspirational and very supportive witnesses to the mind's desire to Wake Up. They can offer very helpful and practical advice, teachings, and examples. Yet, accepting the Atonement (Correction) is THE sole responsibility, and this is a decision of mind that transcends the concept of personhood. Persons do not become enlightened, for the mind that believes itself to be a person is asleep and dreaming of exile from the Oneness of Spirit. While the deceived mind believes in linear time, Awakening will seem to occur in stages. During the seeming 'process' of Awakening symbols are used by the Holy Spirit as stepping stones that reflect 'higher' or 'more expansive' states of conciousness. A guru can be a symbol of the potential for Enightenment, yet the experience of Enlightenment is impersonal, unconditional, and abstract. The final 'dark night' is always the temptation to retain a sense of individuality, privacy, autonomy, and uniqueness. All perceived darkness reflects the belief in private minds with private thoughts. Mind is one in forgiveness and One in Truth."