"I am the Truth"

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"I am the Truth"

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Browsing The Complete Guide to Mysticism, I came across this passage concerning the Persian Sufi Master Mansur al-Hallaj:

Jesus was important to many Sufis, particularly the great master al-Hallaj. Like Jesus, in the ecstasy of union with God he announced, "I am the Truth! I am God!" And like the Jewish priests that put Jesus to death, the Islamic authorities were appalled and had al-Hallaj crucified as a heretic. As the Cross was being prepared for him, he turned to those present and said:

Oh Lord, forgive these your servants, who from religious zeal and the desire to win your favour have gathered here to kill me. Have mercy on them, for if you had revealed to them what you have revealed to me, they would not be doing this. And if you had hidden from me what you have hidden from them, I would not have to suffer this. Glory to you, whatever you do and whatever you will.
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"I am the Truth"

Post by windabove »

Wow...so beautiful! This is so close to home, home, to the heart of divinity, one cannot come any closer! What can I say, when one is soooo graced with such love and compassion to realize that "I Am the Truth", in spite of all the 'evidence' to the contrary, what remains!? God this is Good!