Real Reality (02/06/08)Fourth

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Real Reality (02/06/08)Fourth

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Another, and possibly more relevant conclusion to what I suggested might be the deluded mind -- which I suggested it might be, and as reported above, is that possibly -- is that this is proof of the creative power of the mind, and that, instead of a deluded mind, this was an expression of the creative mind at its work. In other words, to the young, relatively unblemished mind of a small child, anything was possible, including counting to a million, and that, indeed, I DID count to a million, because reality is NOT external, but is a projection by consciousness, through the mind. And the reason that this memory is still here in “my” mind today, is that this was a true, what we call, magical event of the creative mind, and having kept it a secret for so long, including during the time it occurred, it has remained a relatively pristine example of the power of consciousness, because no one convinced me otherwise when it occurred.

Certainly, many years later, events have occurred where the power of mind has changed reality for me, literally, and has on rare occasions, created events that go against the generally accepted consensus of physical laws. In adulthood, and with years of study and work, these events can be understood in a rational form, although the events themselves cannot be explained by accepted science. For example: my fingers once went clear through a vase I was holding, just passed through it. A bird, caught in netting, flew away to die, and then returned shortly, without the netting, after fervent prayer that it escape. The literal shaking of a room, similar to an earthquake, which was felt by none other than me. Not to mention visions, lights and all the “spiritual games” that are promised, and initially sought after, along the search. (Kind of candy for the toddler!)

So the mind is a powerful mechanism, and considerably more than we are taught. This brings to mind S’s childhood invisible friend. While analysts and others will debunk these friends, attributing them to loneliness, and other psychological needs, it becomes more and more obvious to me that these friends do indeed exist, in “reality”, or perhaps better said, in the individual’s reality. (After all is said and done, reality is a malleable substance, and is determined by the individual’s conditioning and expectations. Certainly my own experience has proved this to be so.) It is just that most adults have refined their reality to tiny spaces and limited possibilities and insist that their children conform to that vision. Fortunate is the child who grows up with less restricted parameters and more curious and tolerant parents to allow these abilities to flourish instead of disappear.
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