Nisargadatta Quote Evolving into Kundalini

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Re: Nisargadatta quotes

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That I am wrote: As the pretenses fade, we find ourselves moving closer
and closer to our Soul-Self. This is where the Mind
becomes even more insidious. Afraid of giving up its
hold, the Mind begins to generate uglier and uglier
versions of Itself in order to discourage the seeker.
Many at this point might give in to the “shadow self”,
experiencing enormous depression, self-condemnation,
paranoia, and pain, feeding this last illusion as if
it were the only thing that was real. Many brought up
with the doctrine of “original sin” fall into this
trap. Continue witnessing that. Know that even this is
simply the last illusion of the Mind. How can any of
this be real when the Mind itself is illusion? How can
you take any of it personally when your mind doesn't
have a unique identity of its own?
I copied it in its entirety, because it hits the nail on the head, you know? All the great traditions warn of this, in some kind of terminology or other, and it is definitely an inevitability as one realizes what is what and what is NOT.

Mother Teresa was adamant to her nuns to keep cheerful and maintain a happy attitude. Surely this was an effort to confound the mind's games and devious behavior. Or put another way: the brighter the light around one, the darker the shadow becomes. We live in a dual universe, so long as we live in a dual universe, and it is folly to ignore the implications of that fact. Therefore, does this suggest that perhaps the way out of this mire is to find "a way out" of it? I think so.