Different Perspectives

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Different Perspectives

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How's this to explain why there can be entirely different perspectives about the apparently same subject, and yet both can be "true"?

If indeed we determine our reality by our consciousness (which, I personally, am fully convinced that we do), then, by virtue of the genuis of God, or the creative process, each "individual" body/mind conjures up her own universe according to her own state of consciousness. This permits a multitude of worlds or universes (perhaps, can we say, infinite?), to co-exist and to dance the dance of life, according to each individual's state of consciousness. (If fully appreciated, then we rejoice over the deliciousness of its diversity.}

And, if, in fact, or better said, from the perspective of "One" or "totality", there is but one Consciousness, within which we arise and live, that consciousness, in perfect fit and cooperation with all that the great minds have suggested, expresses its infinitude through its myriad forms and limited body/minds. So that, each being or form or creature expresses, according to her experience and conditioning, a world unique to herself, but part and parcel, intricately connected with the creative consciousness that arose her in the first place, sort of an enclosed bubble floating on the ocean of life.

Therefore, we can have two distinct beings interpret or insist that their vision, perspective, world, universe, interpretation, concept, etc., is correct and true, and both are accurate in that statement, for themselves, but for no other....unless, of course, they can convince other's to resonate with their own consciousness. :wink: The only distinction might be that some are more or less constrained or limited by smaller or wider perameters, but both are distinct and unique to the visionary. And because of the characteristic of consciousness, which is creative, the vision, or universe, is "real" and "true" for each individual.

In order to determine which is lesser or more inclusive, one needs merely to ask oneself, can I see the other's perspective, and agree with it, while at the same time, my perspective remains intact and unviolated.

If you take this to its logical end, the perspective of God, if asked, then, (who, by definition is infinite and all inclusive), would be that each creature's perspective is true and appropriate, sacred and perfect, for that creature, and yet at the same time is embraced and included within God's infinitude, by virtue of the inclusiveness of God consciousness. God is gracious, and therefore makes all things possible, including both infinitude and finiteness. And it is only when we fail to recognize this, that we struggle and battle with one another over definitions and perspectives.

I don't understand why this isn't obvious and logical to all human beings. Well.....I take that back, I think I do understand why this isn't obvious to all human beings, being one myself. :oops: But I digress......... :roll:
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Different Perspectives

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As long as the "world" is "divided" in "ignorant" and "not ignorant" people we keep having these differences. It is part of the "game" that Consciousness is playing with Itself!
Everything is as it is and all IS well!
"Ignorant" is he who associates himself with his ego and actually thinks he IS that ego, while the "not-ignorant" knows that he HAS an ego and doesn't identify himself with that ego.
But it's all words and concepts again and again.....
To put it simple: Consciousness allows this all otherwise it wouldn't be that exciting, would it?