This moment now

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This moment now

Post by zoofence »

Consider this. Every moment is complete in itself and has no parts, only its own self.

Although each moment is by definition momentary, it is also eternal, in the sense that in and of itself it is beyond time. A moment has no beginning or ending, it simply is, right now.

And what each of us calls “me” – the separate, separative body/mind which we think we are – is an apparent part of the moment; but the moment itself, with all its apparent parts, is the entirety. We think of ourselves (the egoic self) as being “in” a moment, and of course as being the essential part of every moment. But perhaps the body/mind is just an ingredient, an incidental ingredient, of each moment.

(Incidental only in a sense, though, because every "ingredient" of a moment is obviously essential, for without any ingredient, however apparently incidental or unimportant, the moment would not be that moment.)

Clearly, it is not possible for us – the body/mind us – to exist “outside” of a moment. Wherever and whenever we are, there is a moment consisting not only of “me” but of whatever else happens to be present, happens to inform that moment.

Does a moment have an identity? Who or what is the identity of the moment? Is that the “I” we seek?

Surely, it is; surely, that is where lies our Most True Identity, in or as the moment, this moment.

If so, then we are not the person sitting before a computer, with fingers clicking on the keyboard and letters appearing on the screen, while wind blows outside a window, birds call one another in the tree beyond, and the sun shines.

All of that, and more, is the moment, all one single indivisible unit, and we are that.

This moment now. See the beauty of it. The release. The silence.