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Watching Bodies Fade


A Short Story

Trey Michael Douglas

The Zoo Fence

Watching Bodies Fade

I feel my spirit, stronger than ever now
It feels more lively than this body ever did
Seems higher, freer than I imagined one could
Understanding vibrations, frequencies I wasn’t sure were real

And communion, such a total word
There is a pond of life that hears my thoughts in flight
Reacts with murky spots or crystal clear with light
Just a picture back
To the rhythmic beating of my changing heart

Alas I see, the world is mine alone
Made of all experience only I have known
Must I now, just as duty calls
Tune all my thoughts to Love’s eternal halls
And turn this world into the brightest star that ever was

I wonder now, could you join with me
on this new trajectory
of more care-full thought
To clear that space we know as darkness
With expanding light

It is my mind made whole again
How was I to know
The missing part I thought long lost
Was safely locked in that vault called ’you’
Silly me, thinking you the body be
Such a great valley no one could ever cross

So however I may have mis-thought of you
Let me humbly call it back
You bring only the world I made
And show me truly what my story is
Which leaves me laughing hardily
Shifting thoughts and watching bodies fade

The Zoo Fence  The Zoo Fence The Zoo Fence

A Short Story

A very long, long time ago … there was a young boy who had come to his age of reason, and decided to leave his home in a small village, and go out into the world to see its many wonders, and find his fortune. Now, this young man had traveled far and wide, and had seen much, but most of his journey was spent traversing the vast dry and barren sands of his region. He often felt lonely and purposeless but did not lose his good nature and stout heart. And so it came after many such days of isolation while following a certain road that the boy saw a slight glimmering of something just off in the distance. Not having much else to do, he went off his chosen road to see what it might be. When he came upon the object, half buried in the sand, he discovered it to be nothing more than an old discarded oil lamp that the virgins would carry around to find a bridegroom. Thought the boy, “I will carry this for a while to entertain myself”. And so he began to clean it up a bit using his robe, polishing and wiping the lamp.

Suddenly to his astonishment, did a great smoke and steam begin to emerge, and take on some mysterious form. “Ah” spoke the form, “thank you for releasing me from the confines of that lamp. I have not seen the light of your sun for many a long year. I am Genie, and to repay you, young man, I will happily grant you three wishes to your heart’s content. But first I must caution you, whatever you ask for shall be permanent and last your whole life long. So take your time, think long and hard, and choose wisely my young friend!”

The boy pressed his eyebrows together pensively, looked the Genie straight in the eye, and said, “Thank you sir, but I have no need to think long about what I would ask you for; I have already found my heart’s desire. In fact, Genie, I have no need of three wishes at all, for me only one wish will do. I do not seek gold and silver nor great wealth, for that must be maintained. I do not seek the affections of sensual things that always entreat, they grow old, and deplete one in the end. Nor do I want power over another, that would bind my hands. No Genie, for me only one will do. Do with the other two so ever as you will. Sir, my one wish is this, I ask for the knowledge that you have that allows you to offer me any wishes at all.”

The Genie hovered there aghast, and said, as he surveyed the young man, “For centuries of time have I been on my quest, brought forth by many to serve what they asked. Countless are the number of men I have met, but never, young friend, have I met one who possesses the wisdom that you have. I will grant you this wish but alas, hear me well. This wish has three strings attached. One just for me, one to us both together, the third to only you. Here is what they are: First, as to me, when this wish is complete, to the lamp I shall never return. Rather shall I now be free to travel hither and thither in the universe as ever my heart may desire. Second, as pertains to us both, young friend you must give up travels in this worldly place, and seek not other than this. I will bind myself to you until your knowledge is complete, and no other interest shall be allowed to compete. Do you agree? Lastly and wholly yours, young friend; that which you learn – you must give it away freely to whomever should ask. The mysteries of the universe have long been hidden from man. Alas, one has come with the courage to open the door. Be then a simple messenger when your feet return to this dusty road that you have tread to my door.”

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