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The Moment of Vision
My Quiet Place
Marie Moore

Open Space

The Moment of Vision

Succumb Mystic and gently hold me in my hour of transition
Take me out of my fleshy frame and into the Divine Vision
Reflections of the beautiful crimson empyrean enlightened with grace
As we gaze upon the stillness of the lake’s mirrored eloquent face
Clouds drifting in somnolence resting in the blanket of the morning
Where the rising of the Phoenix is reborn in the yawning of the dawning
Walk the desert dunes with me; let us walk towards the beauty of the light
Shield my soul with your tattered cloak; the vision of love is in my sight
Let the silence of the drifting sand a rippling ocean bed be fluently heard
For this is the beautiful garden of waterfalls where the Divine’s creation occurred
My hand gently reaches out to touch the Lord’s smiling Face
His Eyes gaze upon my heart, in my breathless moment we embrace.

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My Quiet Place

There is a path I quite often take edged with fragrant wild flowers
A beautiful place to spend the ticking away of one’s hours
The sun gently teases its way through the clouds of silver light
Kissing the earth like the meeting of lovers with sheer delight
The breeze softly brushes against my face
Like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings that embrace
A Mystical stranger joins me as I stroll
I see Him not
Occasionally we sit beneath the great old tree
I feel His warmth and love within me
I feel Him with a great strength that inspires
Only to Him do I whisper my love and desires
His presence is like the beauty of an orchestra playing
Like the grasses adorning the land and gently swaying
I see Him not
I am never alone, as I share my path with my Mystic friend
Guiding me, leading me to my quest’s end
I do not see Him for He is like a Spiritual breeze

Open Space