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One Connection
Diane Kirk

Open Space

One Connection
To Wholeness

Awakening! Remembering!
Sets All free to consciously manifest
The True Nature
Of All things!
Interconnected Being of Loving Oneness.

“Oneness” manifested through the channel of physical form
expressing the true nature of all things on the earth plane.
Life As A Human Being
Is but a process of awakening experiences
 that inevitably highlights the Real source of A Human Form’s Authentic Nature.

Life as it is known is but a process of awakening
to what we always have been & eternally will be.
Loving Sparks of Divine Consciousness
interconnected with all that is
& all that is perceived as not.
Sparks that reflect the essence of the One Self.
The I Am Presence.

Perceived through time & conditioning
as Individual Manifestations of differing tangible physical forms.
Male — Female — Emptiness — Fullness — Light & Dark — Positive — Negative
Both the Observer & the Observed
The Product & Producer
The Puppet & Puppeteer.

All co-exists as One.
No Me — No We — No Us — No them — No Separate-Ness.
Only the innate essence of “Supreme Oneness”
All Encompassing Consciousness
All Knowing – All Love.

A Pure Essence of Being.
A Universal Presence
Interconnecting & Encompassing
the Totality of Perceived Form & Formless Expressions.
Reflecting – Expressing – Experiencing – Awakening –
To One Source.

Divine Self – Godhead, Buddha, Father Mother God,
giving birth to All that is, having no beginning and no end.
An infinitely expanding ever-present source
 existent within the ever present moment.
A divine will unifying all life
 and nourishing creation
 through a beneficial power of eternal & infinitely expanding Love.

Open Space