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Dee Hupp

The author of this work included this introduction, “The following is an original poem. I am not a writer and this is the only poem I have ever written. It just sort of burst forth all at once.”

Open Space


My life is a ladder going higher and higher
Ascending a spiral, ever upward and brighter.

There are times that my ego gets the better of me.
There are times I am not all that I can be.
But there is One who knows what is true.
The truth that comes through the beauty of you.

Over the mountains, over the sea,
Over all that must need to be,
I am transported, I am set free.
My spirit flies high over all that is me.

God is the beauty, the Light, and the Love,
The truth of all both here and above.
I am that Truth. I Am That I Am.
I am that being which has no end.

Ascending a spiral ever upward and brighter,
My life is a ladder going higher and higher.

Open Space