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A Consideration of The Web Site
contributed by
Arlo R. Hansen


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Open Space

As seekers, it behooves us to learn the lessons of the teachers we meet along our paths. Until we are certain beyond intellectual understanding that we are Eternal Cause and not effects, we cannot know our destiny.

So little time! So many ways! So much effort! So little reward!

Is there a dependable and quick method of “seeing” what you are with your very own eyes? Yes, in my experience, there is. It is The Headless Way.

Douglas E. Harding, the English philosopher, author, and lecturer extraordinary, now in his early nineties, demonstrates by simple experiments anyone can carry out, how you can actually “see” what you are in truth. Harding claims that by losing your head, you gain the universe.

Prove it to yourself. Go to or follow this link to the most bizarre of spiritual websites, The Headless Way. Once there, do the experiments yourself. Upon completion, the words to the song “My Eyes Are Open, Now I See, Spirit Divine!” may take on new meaning for you! They certainly did for me.

Open Space