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Three Nice Links
contributed by
Debra Hegerle

Open Space

Here are URLs to three very nice websites, and brief descriptions of each.

The Enchanted Attic

The Enchanted Attic is a website created by a wonderful woman who calls herself Jade as her means of extending the many wonderful inspirational & spiritual materials she comes across in her own journey. Many people contribute to her site, and her material is always fresh & current.

Infini Islands

Infini has created a site that not only has many well researched stories, poems and inspirational pieces, but she also has a well organized quotation section and database and a feature called Science Island that is always being updated with current science articles containing helpful information for everyone.

Karma’s Korner

Karma is a warm and loving woman who has created a site filled with warm stories, quotations, helpful pages and much more, so much so that whenever you go there, you always seem to find exactly what you need.

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