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I Am That 2
contributed by
Jack, also known as Of One Heart

by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

This is a book of 101 interactive discourses, mainly with Westerners seeking and, often, finding the Truth of their Eternal Nature.

In this Book, Nisargadatta transmits this Truth through His words as if He were there with us in the flesh even Now after Departing His Earthly Coil.

Unlike any other Book I have read, each chapter made an impression or released impressions or both. It felt like some deep physiological changes had taken place each time I read.

I would read a chapter each night before bed. I repeated this practice until my fourth reading of the book.

One night, Nisargadatta came to me, and showed me what appeared to be a Large Black Crystal about ten feet high. It was actually the top of a Mountain. I stepped into it, and holding the Maharaja’s hands exchanged energies with Him.

For three days after that event, I had no desires at all, quite an interesting state and experience.

I have studied with various Teachers and learned and Realized many things. But a Book such as this that TRANSMITS the Living Presence and Grace of a Master Directly to the reader is Extremely Rare. I have never encountered another with such a Powerful Potency and interactive Nature with such immediate results.

I found the Dialogues easy and interesting to read, observing how each person approaches and relates to the Self as It is revealed to them. This book also includes many gems of Wisdom and answers to longtime questions that life often poses to us all.

For those who will read this Magical Book, Enjoy this Journey back to yourSelf.

Editor’s Note: “I AM THAT” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is available through TZF’s Bookstore.
(sri and maharaj are Sanskrit terms of respect.)

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