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The Blessing of The Day
Conscious Living is Staying Awake
contributed by
Kat McCarthy


The Blessing of The Day

About this poem, Kat writes us, “Originally, I wrote it about a human being. Now, I have come to recognize the Real Love that it is really about and Whose work it really is. And so, having received it from God, I offer it to God, and from There, to everyone.”

Your Love is the blessing of the day.
It joins the soft morning light
And opens my eyes to different visions.

It travels with me through the day
The angel on my shoulder
Who takes my heart dancing
With the wind in the trees.

It lays its hand on my head
In benediction each evening
With the surest of touches
And sings sweet dreams
To my Soul.


Conscious Living is Staying Awake

In contributing this piece to TZF, Kat described it simply as “a letter I sent to a friend”. Lucky friend.

Life is like a cross-country train trip. We all start the trip eager to observe and learn everything we can. But any trip can develop problems, can become inconvenient and uncomfortable, tiring and tedious. It’s easy to lose our enthusiasm, and too often we come to focus on the drawbacks of the journey. Some travelers come to see only this aspect. So, they immerse themselves in some other activity, to make the time pass more quickly. They’ll take a book along, so that they can read. They’ll absorb themselves with a briefcase of work from the office. They’ll sew, or knit, or crochet. They’ll listen to music on a Walkman. Pretty much any activity will do that will occupy their minds, because they don’t see any need to pay attention to how they got from there to here.

Another strategy often used on such a journey is sleeping. Have you ever noticed how many people on a long trip fall asleep? As the wheels clack over the tracks, the repetition produces a steady cadence. The rocking and swaying of the car is not unlike the movement of a cradle. The effect can be mind numbing, and many travelers not only succumb to it, they seek it.

Now, let’s say something unexpected occurs that shifts the awareness of the travelers – a sudden application of the train’s brakes, or a startlingly loud noise that draws their attention back to their surroundings. Those who have chosen to stay awake and involved have a much clearer idea about what’s going on, and are more likely to respond calmly. Those who have occupied their minds with other things are startled, but react with short-term discomfort, and before too long they adjust to the altered situation. But those who have been asleep are alarmed and frightened. It takes them much longer to realize that nothing cataclysmic has happened, that they are safe and secure, that the journey will go on as intended.

We each set off on the adventure and discovery of life, in pretty much the same state. We all embark from the same station. We all travel along the same set of tracks. We are all, ultimately, headed for the same destination. The only difference between us is which type of traveler we are at any given point in time. I think we all start off as sleepers (who either don’t hear the call to awareness, or don’t recognize it). Along the way, our awareness is forced to shift, but since this new perception is frequently inconvenient and uncomfortable, we settle into being non-participants (who either deny the call, or resist responding to it). Once we give up the denial and resistance, our desire for self-realization leads us to become alert travelers (who revel in the lessons of the journey).

Conscious living is staying awake and aware while we’re on this train-trip. The only difference between us, my friend, is that I woke up a little sooner than you. I’ve spent more time looking around, been more aware of my progress on this journey, and am better able to measure the distance traveled. I am more accepting of the changes because I’ve been awake. You are alarmed and frightened, because you’ve been asleep. Give yourself some time to adjust. I understand your desire to go back to sleep. But once awakened, I don’t think we ever regain the same level of oblivion. And as for trying to disembark, any attempt to get off a moving train isn’t likely to be successful. And even if you do somehow manage it, it will just leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The challenge of this journey is that it will never really be over. And that’s the fundamental beauty of this cosmic itinerary. We’re still on the same set of tracks, moving in the same direction, travelling at the same speed. I’ll be more than happy to share everything I’ve observed with you. Now that you’re awake and aware, once you let go of the denial and resistance, we can travel the rest of the way together.

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