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A Meditation
Seasons Song

Two Poems by
Cheryl Monroe

When we asked, Cheryl wrote that there is “not much too tell about myself, except to say that I am trying to meet God where I am.”

Sit quietly my Soul and chart thy course,
seek thy Truth from thy All-Knowing Source.
Receive thy instruction in quiet solitude
where the pangs of misfortune can’t intrude.

Be still my Soul amid Life’s swirling haze,
give entry to Peace on thy darkest days.
Turn inward thy gaze from false poverty,
for thy True Wealth resides within thee.

Oh, my Soul, waste not thy Life’s blood,
drink not of the tides of the human flood.
Eat not of the things that cause thee dread,
rather sate thyself from the Fountainhead.

Be silent my Soul, be calm in the storm,
and know that no power is in any form.
“Things” have no power in themselves to be,
so let thy Warrior fight thy battle for thee.

Dear, sweet Soul, God’s treasure of Good,
know thou art greater than thy humanhood.
Awaken thy spirit from its earthly nod,
and acknowledge thou art of the Son of God.

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Seasons Song


In Spring, youth is vibrant and alive!
the dawn of color in landscape and sky.
The awakening from Winter’s repose
of the icy brook and the budding rose.
In Springtime, my Love appears
to spend with me my remaining years.
Strolling, we two, by the flowers’ bed,
we contemplate our Life ahead … .
In Spring, there’s the promise of birth,
in us, there is laughter and mirth.
Oh, Miracle, we know you are real
by the Love and happiness we feel!
Spring is the advent of longer days,
of feeling the Sun and its ardent rays.
Of stars shining like an Angel’s halo
to light the night for two lovers below.
March, April, May, God’s Spring,
these months, what enjoyment bring.
Too quickly they pass, all too soon,
ah, but Summer arrives with June.


In Summer, with our Love aflame,
you ask me to receive your name.
Pledging outwardly what is already inside,
the Soul, the groom; the Soul, the bride.
With Love ascending in true bliss,
upon my lips you place a kiss.
On my finger, a ring from you,
symbolizing the Oneness of two.
Our bodies compose in ecstasy,
I enfold you, you within me.
How precious, this sacred time,
our Life together, sublime!
Our days are high and Life abounds!
our nights, a symphony of sounds.
On morning’s breeze, we take to sail,
then climb a mountain’s dusty trail
July, August, and September,
these months we warmly remember.
Oh, but didn’t we have a ball!
as Summer gave way to Fall.


The Autumn leaves have turned to gold,
and we, no longer prime, but not old.
Our youth is past, but not all gone,
for our childlike hearts beat on.
Our faith and hope in God are strong,
our Life together has been prolonged.
The valued years still here to share,
these years marked by graying hair.
As we reminisce, we remember as one
the times of tears and our times of fun.
We drink from Love’s overflowing cup,
and from God’s sweet ambrosia, we sup.
In bed, we cover against the damp,
giving our thanks, we dim the lamp.
Renewing our vows, we happily sigh,
and very gently, we close our eyes.
October, November, and December,
this Autumn, too, is remembered
for its crisp and refreshing wind
that ushered the Winter season in.


Now is the Winter of our Life,
how can I impart to you that I’ve
been so full of God-giving pleasure,
for the Gift is you, my treasure!
Our skin is wrinkled and not so tight,
our maturity heralded by hair of white.
Like vintage wine at its mellow stage,
we savor the ripeness of old age.
Oh, my Beloved, my very Soul,
warm me, for I sense the cold.
Sit beside me and hug me close,
Winter’s here and her fury boasts!
While the tempest rages out the door,
come fill your cup and I will pour.
Let’s take our warmth before the fire,
embrace me as this year expires … .
January, a brand new Year,
February, Valentine’s cheer!
Oh, my Heart, it’s Winter’s end,
Hail March, it’s Spring again!

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