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Arlo R. Hansen


When we asked for a brief sentence about himself that we could place here, this writer replied, “I consider myself to be just a nerve ending in the fingertip of God.” Then, in closing, he observed, “May you live as long as you want … and not ‘want’ as long as you live!” We don’t know whether he intended the latter want in its meaning be without or in its meaning desire, but we like it both ways. For Arlo’s review of The Headless Way website, please click here. For other items on The Zoo Fence, please open our Search function, and there type (without the quotation marks) “hansen” or “ihavesayso” (his name at TZF’s Open Forum). For his eightieth birthday gift to the rest of us, please click here.

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Dear God,

As You are All That Is, and as I am, I am therefore All That Is! So, it is silly of me to ask You “What’s happening?” when I already know the answer! The beginning (if there was such a thing), the sustaining, and the end of creation (if there could be an ending) are taking place simultaneously NOW!

When I, as a little boy, asked my mother, where You came from, she replied, “Unlike you, God did not have a beginning. He was not born from a mother. He did not come from something or somewhere. He is everywhere and the source of everything. God just Is”.

Her use of the present tense rather than the past tense “Was” or the future tense “Will Be” implies since You Are Now, You must therefore “Have Been” in the past and “Will (continue to) Be” in the future. As I understood her answer (certainly not clearly, for who, as an a adult, can understand the concept of something having no beginning, much less a child’s doing so), she did not capitalize the word “Is”. Today, I think the word “Is” should be capitalized to denote Your divinity, i.e., Was always God = God always Was. For that matter, “Always” should be in caps too.

Little “i” cannot conceive of something without a beginning, as it always asks, “Where was What Is Now before It Was, if It wasn’t?” The only answer to this question is, “It wasn’t any ‘where’ (one particular place), because It is every place (all ‘wheres’). What isn’t can’t be somewhere and still not be.” In Your case, You cannot be conceived of as “not Being” because first You must be visualized and acknowledged in mind as form, before You can be thought not to exist!

Because You had no beginning, You cannot have an ending. After all, if You have not begun You cannot end, can You? If You haven’t begun and cannot end, how can You be, unless You have always Been? Mother was right. You Always Were. You Always Are. You Always Will Be. That I am aware of part of “What Is” as little “i” proves it!

Where You came from is a proper question for a child to ask, but not an adult, as it imposes the limitation of finite upon Infinity. As You know, God, when I asked that question of my mother when I was three, I had a conception of beginning and ending, but none of infinity.

If you think accepting something with no beginning is difficult, try this! God is constantly becoming More although He/She is already All, and such Becoming not only took place, It is taking place, and will keep on taking place, even though It was complete in the past, is completing now, and will complete again and again in the future of this eternal moment!

The unchangeable God is changing. The changing God is unchangeable. These are only appearances of the One Unchanging Self, as It has always been THE UNCHANGEABLE ALL!

Since God is always All There Ever Is, ALL THAT IS is complete and perfect just as IT IS, always. Nothing needs to be “changed”. Nothing needs to be “fixed”. Nothing needs to be “done”. Little “i”, because it has free will, can use that free will to speculate and create concepts about WHAT IS to the extent of its understanding. Such understanding, though, limits little “i’s” knowing about WHAT IS to the boundaries such understanding places on WHAT IS!

Do the oceans know they are water? Are they aware that they are almost constantly evaporating? Does that vapor know it was once water? Is it aware of its former oneness with the oceans from which it evaporated? When the vapor returns to the oceans as rain, does it sense that it is coming home? Do the oceans recognize it as being “them” when it returns?

God, are you aware You Are God, or must you become little “i’s” in order to experience aspects of Yourself? Did you get bored with perfection and decide to play hide and seek from Yourself? If the purpose of creation was completed before it was begun, why the necessity for the eternal “in-between” moment and the illusion of separateness?

Am I You, asleep? If so, are You Me, awake? Unless all that has happened is happening, and will happen, is remembered, what’s the use of its taking place? What would “being” be like if it were not as it is? Would it be different than it is if it could be? If it were, would little “i” know the difference? If little “i” knew the difference, would it be pissed?

The English poet, William Blake said, “That which seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be”! I say what God has done, is doing and will do, was done, is being done, and will be done, perfectly. The fault exists only in my little “i’s” perception. This causes little “i’s” problems. That which I AM knows only perfection!

That I operated mostly from little “i” perspective until now, does not mean this letter is a complaint. Having learned that my purpose as a little “i” is being one of billions of Your tools of creation, I shift my focus from my little “i’s” concerns, to awareness of the obvious, i.e., the constant PRESENCE that makes this little “i” what it has always BEEN. This awareness has happened, is happening, and will happen, for no-thing can sustain opposition to Your Activity without such opposition being Your Activity. Therefore, ALL IS WELL!

Thanks for listening, God.


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There are some who will scream, “Blasphemy!” upon reading the title of this essay, because the idea of mankind “pitying God” for any reason will not rest easy with them. So be it.

Taken literally, the statement is in fact blasphemous, for the idea it conveys is that God needs to be saved, which is ridiculous if one accepts as true the premise that God is Omni-everything. So, by saying God is beyond salvation, do I mean He has sunk so low that He cannot possibly be redeemed and, therefore, deserves our pity? Of course not. The meaning here is that since God is beyond (not a candidate for) salvation, He has nothing to look forward to, and that is a pitiful state.

Omni-everything is another way of saying infinite. Infinite is a word conceived by a finite mind to mean (among other things) without beginning or end, i.e., everlasting. To this writer’s finite mind, an Infinite Being, existing as past, present, and future, without shape or boundary, being All and, therefore, knowing no-thing, would be everlastingly boring and a great pity.

But, can infinity be known by finite minds? Can it even be accurately defined by finite minds? Are the definitions of infinity created by finite minds nothing more than speculation? Not being infinite, how can finite minds know what infinity is? Is infinity a reality, or just a concept of finite minds?

The answer to the first question is, no. The finite mind cannot readily accept the idea of something having no beginning or ending. However, if the finite mind can get past this hurdle, then it must take into account that time is contained within infinity, not vice-versa. This means that what was, is, and will be, always were, are; and have been; therefore, creation was finished before it began! Unacceptable!

An accurate definition of infinity must deal with space, which, by definition, must also be contained within infinity. If there were no objects, infinity would be nothing but emptiness, as it would be no one (particular) thing, unless emptiness is a thing, which it is not, because emptiness is nothing (no-thing). There are things, however, so we can dismiss the idea of infinity as being only space, for if it were only space, it would mean infinity was nothing; therefore, there would be no place for it not to be at!

So, both space and things are contained in infinity. Things have to be somewhere, so they are in space. If space were something, things in it would displace space from their locations, thereby raising space’s height the same way you may raise the height of water in a bucket by placing stones in the bucket. Things need space between them so they may be perceived as “things.” Space needs “things” in it in order to be perceived as “space.” So, which came first? Like the chicken and the egg, they came together, i.e., at the same time, because you cannot have one without the other.

To finite mind, infinity cannot know what it is, because it has to have boundaries to make it possible for it to define itself; therefore, infinity, to learn what it is, must become finite (things). How can infinity accomplish this not knowing what it is? And, if it knows what it is, it is not INFINITY, NOR CAN IT REMEMBER THAT IT EVER WAS! It very much appears that infinity exists only as a speculation of the finite mind created for the specific purpose of attempting to explain what is (existence). So, let’s go bark up another tree.

I am aware that I am aware. If I were just aware without knowing I was aware, I would not be self-aware. If I were not self-aware, but just aware, would I not then be infinite awareness? Neither science nor religion can explain the mystery of being. Whatever caused it caused it because it wanted to. Moreover, there is no necessity for us to know, because knowing would not change our present status as named, living, physical bodies with properly recorded birth dates and eventual, certain death dates!

So, what do we do in the interim? Whatever we want! What don’t we do in the interim? Whatever we don’t want! The Original created a macro that constantly repeats.

Pity God, for He is beyond salvation!


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Certainly not God, for what good could worship possibly do for an Infinite Entity who is Omni everything? Make It feel more inclined to grant requests? Hardly, because any act of a finite life form, be it veneration or irreverence, directed toward the Omni-Everything One, would actually be an act of the Omni-Everything One Itself, since by definition, an Infinite Entity encompasses All. How could it, then, make Itself more ultimate than it already is?

Yet, worship services are held in thousands of churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, and monasteries, just to name of few of the many types of houses of worship. Since the Omni-Everything One cannot benefit from worship, it leaves only the worshipers who may gain from it. What each gains exactly may be as varied as the number engaged in the activity. For some, whatever they gain must not last long, because they repeat the ritual daily.

Seekers of understanding of the mystery of life generally agree that the appearance of separation is illusion. In actuality, All is One. One is All. Taken to its final conclusion, I Am all that is. And that applies to each of us. To accept this, I must conclude that all the “others out there”, are actually me. Likewise, each of you “others” must come to the same conclusion. At this point, the thought leaps into my mind (as it must in yours since you are me) “how come I am only aware of operating as this single entity with the name of Arlo R. Hansen? If I am everybody and everything, how did my awareness get limited to just little ’ole me?”

Now, while we may intellectually know that we need not strive to become something other than what we are, but only need to remember what we are, we do not feel or experience what we are, i.e., being everything. Some claim to have reached that state through meditation or other means. If they have, then the possibility exists for me to do likewise; but just because the possibility exists does not mean that I will do so.

I personally know of only one person who related what that experience is like. She called it “puddling”, suggesting it was like liquidizing and flowing into her surroundings. If you, dear reader, have also experienced being the One, you can testify as to the aptness of her description. However, having once attained the state, she did not remain in it until her departure from this plane. Neither do I know if she could enter this state whenever she pleased just by willing herself there or however. It seems to me that if getting to this experience is the goal, once attained, the attainee would not want to return to his finite state of limited awareness. Still, being All may be boring after the novelty wears off (if it does). For all I know, it may not. But if it does, that may be the reason Omni-Everything decided to forget what it IS. (Could it do that?)

Much has been said about our higher self and getting in touch with it. I have followed the logical thought of some writing and been amazed at the clarity used in arriving at the One concept, only to be dismayed when the author brought up the higher self, listening for that “still, small, voice” (how can it be “still” and still say something, or doesn’t “still” mean quiet? and how come it is always small?), using affirmations, giving thanks, prayer, and all the rest. To me, all of this signifies the disappearance of Oneness and the return of separateness.

The Omni-Everything One needs none of this because it is ALL OF THIS. It needs no-thing (nothing) because it is Every-thing (Everything). Ironically, it has taken me seven paragraphs to say to you that since All is Complete there was nothing I needed to say.




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Editor’s Note: TZF’s records suggest that the following article — “Thoughts on Consciousness” — was originally posted here in February of 2003. However, now, four years later, neither we nor its author, a long-time good friend of The Zoo Fence, can confirm either from memory or by documentary evidence that (1) he wrote it, (2) he actually submitted it to us, or (3) we received it. In fact, the only hard evidence either we or our friend has of this article’s existence is its self-evident presence here on TZF’s Open Space. But exactly how it got here, none of us can say for sure. In a word, one of life’s wondrous mysteries. All the same, we choose to leave it in place as it stands because however it got here, it is good, and we all like having it here.



Awareness is potential. Consciousness is energy.

Awareness creates the vehicle of consciousness in order to experience itself.

Awareness is a potential with unlimited power and scope. It is what we have called God. Awareness is the Creator of all things. Consciousness is awareness via energy, which allows the awareness potential to experience in (time/space). Awareness is a quality, a potential, the creator of energy in which consciousness (itself energy) can experience.

All experience is energy interaction.

All experience is contained within the awareness of God. All beings presently experiencing anywhere in the universe are “part” of this ultimate potential, are a “piece” of God. Matter and energy were and are created by consciousness, under the direction or guidance of ultimate potential, or God. All beings are “part” of God, ARE God.

Consciousness is designed to limit awareness, in order to increase the quality of experience. If you knew everything all at once, why bother to do anything? You already know how it is going to come out. By limiting awareness, one focuses consciousness, making more and more intense experiences possible. More focus = less awareness of the broader picture more intense experience. In a crisis, we often feel more alive. This is because we are forced to focus intensely.

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So I believe that ultimately, who we are is a quality, not a quantity. Consciousness is actually a “shell” of energy (time/space) “around” our true Divinity/awareness which allows us to experience time/space and the physical. This is the best way I can describe it. Consciousness mimics the feeling of love that we are all intrinsically, while allowing us to EXPERIENCE in time/space all of the feelings and emotions that we could not experience in our true natures as qualities/Divinities/sparks of God [the Great Unmanifest]. This ultimate awareness does not exist, because it is not energy, is not anything but Pure Awareness. It is a concept impossible to describe in a time/space universe (and certainly within the limited parameters of language), because in such a universe in order for something to be, it must exist, must have some quantity. But Pure Awareness, I am saying, has no quantity, does not “exist.” It is pure creative potential. If consciousness is energetic (as opposed to the pure potential of awareness), what is the energy of consciousness? I call it etheric, or non-physical energy.

I call this energy of consciousness non-physical because it is undetectable by the human senses or by physical instrumentation. It is a refined energy vibrating at a very high frequency, so high that the body can comfortably accept only a portion of “stepped down” energy, like a transformer that takes voltage from the mains and attenuates it to be useful to an electronic device. In our non-physical awareness we are pure, positive life force energy. That’s the way it feels, anyway, so I call it positive, although the energy of consciousness is actually completely balanced, so it would be more accurate to call it “neutral” energy. I believe that humans are immortal beings of non-physical energy, temporarily focused in a human body, but part of a universal awareness. When we “die” we simply return that portion of our focus that was human to the greater consciousness of our “greater” selves. I’m not saying we lose our identity when this happens, far from it, we become MORE of who we are. The same energy that is focused into the body is the same energy that is not focused into the body. Light rays which are focused by a lens at a point of concentration are the same light rays that are floating around that focal point. And so with consciousness.

Every level of consciousness (as distinguished from pure awareness) has a different vibratory pattern, and therefore a unique geometry. Each level of consciousness allows us to experience in a different way. We become “tuned” into different frequencies and so experience differently. But ultimately WE ARE NOT THESE ENERGIES. Because we (as consciousness) exist in time/space we can also experience imperfections and non- harmonious energies. Vibrational patterns which are an inharmonious match to the inherent nature of our consciousness (hate, anger, jealousy, etc) allow us to experience things that we aren’t, in order to emphasize, in comparison, our true natures as God (qualities). I say “allow us to experience who we aren’t” because in our native state as Divinity we are perfect and always in perfect love, joy and bliss. We EXPERIENCE these not-harmonies through the vehicle of consciousness, but we ARE NOT these disharmonies, just as we are not consciousness, but pure potential.

I conceive of consciousness as a “shell” around this ultimate, potential awareness that allows us to experience energy -- so that we are able to see and feel the result of our creations. So by design consciousness, being energy, can be affected by its own creations! It is self-reflexive. Experience is just energy interaction between consciousness and the products of consciousness, designed by the creative potential of ultimate awareness. All universes in which experience can occur have been designed by this awareness (pure potential) and are experienced through the vehicle of consciousness. Everything in these universes is composed of the energy of consciousness. Depending upon the density of each universe, the energy is more (high vibration) or less (slower vibration) refined. The energy and matter we see is just condensed consciousness. Therefore everything in our experience may be directed by us. We are in complete control of our experience, since our consciousness can affect the very substance of our universe, being composed of the same “stuff”.

But the fundamental nature of who we are is Not (energy/time/space). It is not quantifiable. What we measure is NOT US, we are measuring the energy fields which make it possible for us to experience in the physical , and/or in time/space. No matter where we go in all of creation, in any universe, we are not in that universe. We are never in creation. We do not exist. WE ARE THE CREATORS. WE ARE QUALITIES - DIVINITIES.

We were not “created” - we chose to be. Then we chose to experience. In order to do that we created energy which allowed our experiences to be infinite. But infinity is a limiting concept to a Divinity, because infinity describes something. We are not somethings - we are qualities. WE ARE. Therefore we cannot be destroyed, we cannot EVER be uncreated. BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO UNCREATE!!!! We cannot ever be taken apart, because there is no something there to perceive. We as Divinities are not consciousness - we are far greater than that. Even saying that is an untruth since being “greater than” implies existence, and thus, somethingness. Again, we are the Source, but anything we create is not us, nor will it or can it ever be. So those of you who worry about consciousness just being some energy pattern that can be uncreated - and therefore the essence of you being “snuffed out” – that is not possible.

We have created our consciousness to experience space-time, but we are not that consciousness - we are the creators of ourselves. This implies reflexiveness, and this concept is mirrored in all life forms. The seed, larva, egg creates the plant//insect/animal/human which has inside of itself the same seed which contains the blueprint for another plant/insect/animal/human.

What humans attempt to measure with instruments is merely the energy of consciousness - but these instruments cannot measure pure potential, because pure potential does not exist. Yet it is the creator of everything! Definition of consciousness - Source’s (ultimate awareness) way of experiencing. Or, those energy patterns which allow Source to experience itself in space/time. The energy of consciousness is designed to mimic the qualities of pure potential. This is why Love (= harmonious energy patterns) is the basis for all existence. In Source’s wisdom, the creation of energy as consciousness also allows for inharmonious patterns to exist, and thus be experienced by Source. Experiencing requires existence. Existence requires limits. Since Source does not exist, Means must be provided for the Divine to experience itself. This Means we call consciousness. Consciousness acts to limit awareness- of- everything- at- once. The “levels” of consciousness are levels of individual self awareness. As individual “units” of consciousness ascend the “ladder” of consciousness we simply become aware of more of everything as part of us = greater self awareness. We allow more and more of the energies of All That Is to impinge upon us.

Imagine that we are the One, the Great Unmanifest. We exist in perfect bliss, in no-time and no-space. But we have no way to know how wonderful we are, because there is no differentiation. We are not aware of the infinity of possibilities of our expression. We don’t even know what expression IS. A crude example would be looking at an all-white canvas. The energy of the canvas may be totally blissful, but there is no contrast, no differentiation. Everything is blissful IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

So - awareness-as-pure-potential designs consciousness and space/time. We design consciousness so that it is a gateway to an infinity of experiences. We design it so that we can experience a completely different Reality within the one reality, depending upon “where” we are in the “ladder” of consciousness. This allows us to experience ourselves in an infinity of ways, to know in intimate detail what we are capable of. We design this consciousness so that we can know exactly where we are in relation to every other part of consciousness, so that everything in existence is connected. We do this by designing consciousness in different geometric (for want of a better word) patterns. One level of consciousness will “tune in” to a certain band of vibrational frequencies and exclude all others, so that a myriad of different Realities may be experienced in the same time/space universe. This allows a different experience of ourselves in relation to the reality we are perceiving. We cloak ourselves in the energy of consciousness in order that we might discover, experience and express the totality of who we are!

To summarize: You cannot be harmed because you do not exist. You are a quality, a potential, a creator but you are not fundamentally energy. You are no-thing. You are not IN time-space. The consciousness envelope that “surrounds” you (the aura, human energy field, the merkaba, whatever you want to call it) is composed of energy in varied and complex patterns, limiting your awareness to allow you to experience pieces of the entirety of All That Is, but you are not that energy. You are a “piece” of the Unmanifest, indescribable in any language or communication of space/time/existence. You are not even immortal, you are “beyond” that, for immortality implies existence. You are all-powerful, all-knowing, you are all-everything! What’s the point then of existence?? Fun!!! Joy!!!! Experiencing the limitless possibilities of our Creatorhood.

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Here’s another stab at it!


Ultimately, the awareness we call Life is a quality, not a quantity. Awareness is an inherent quality of life. It is independent of consciousness. Of course, consciousness implies awareness and awareness is an inherent quality of consciousness, but consciousness can be explained energetically and geometrically, whereas awareness is pure potential. Consciousness is designed to produce different levels of awareness, it is the vehicle for limiting awareness, because only by limiting awareness is experience possible. Consider this last statement for a moment. In order to experience in space/time, there must be limits on awareness – otherwise, everything is known and there is no game. What’s the point in experiencing something if you already know exactly what will happen to you? No point at all in it. Therefore, consciousness must be the vehicle for limiting awareness in order to experience. The function of consciousness is to enable experience in space/time. The various levels of consciousness allow a Being to experience different levels of awareness. This facilitates experiencing who a Being really is, in all of its facets from highest to lowest. Consciousness enables experiencing different facets of the Reality of What Is, in all of its infinite permutations. There are as many levels of consciousness as there are levels of the Reality of What Is.

The inherent awareness of all life is total awareness of All That Is. This inherent awareness is the awareness of God. Any individual Being has this awareness of God, the awareness of the totality of everything, somewhere within. But in order to experience and become more familiar with ourselves, we assume various levels of consciousness. Each of these levels has an energy pattern associated with it, and a geometry associated with it, and, more importantly, a limiting of awareness in order to experience.

For example, when we “die”, our consciousness changes. We shed the various energy overlays that allowed us to become un-aware of our higher natures. We unfocus our consciousness from the limiting perspective of the body and become aware of our broader selves. When we incarnate, we agree to focus our consciousness into bodies, in order to experience intensely. Have you ever noticed that the most intense experiences are those in which your awareness of them is diminished? When you are on a really high and fast rollercoaster, you are not in control of the situation. You do not have complete knowingness and awareness of what will happen to you. You know that some people have been killed on roller-coasters in the past, and that there is a possibility it might happen to you. As a result, you feel with the utmost intensity. This can apply to any area of life, not just a physical experience. Embarking on a new career, or a new relationship, can elicit the same intensity of feeling. If one had total awareness and control of the situation, one would not experience so intensely. This is one of the reasons a Being incarnates in the physical!

But, ultimately, the true self, which is God, is a quality of awareness. You might say it is awareness limited by consciousness. This God-self is not in the physical, it is not composed of energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed. It is Not, yet it can create Is, and experience Is. It is nothing, yet it is everything. It is timeless and formless, yet it creates time and form. It is not perfection, it is even beyond perfection. It is the glorious, loving Presence that inhabits all things. It is YOU!

More thoughts on consciousness and awareness: When speaking about a Theory of Consciousness, I find it helpful to distinguish between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is senior to consciousness. Awareness “creates” consciousness, not the other way around. Awareness is inherent of course when discussing consciousness, but awareness (small a) is limited according to the scope of consciousness, whereas the Awareness Which Creates All is not limited by anything. In a ridiculous attempt to quantify these concepts, let l = level of consciousness. A(l) = the awareness implicit in a level of consciousness, let C(l)= consciousness level. This concept can be expressed A(l) = C(l) . This implies there is a direct relationship between A(l) and C(l). But the True Awareness cannot be quantified, since it is the Ultimate Potential, Ultimate Creator, the No_Name which creates all things. I am saying that the Ultimate Awareness inherent in all life is a pure quality, pure potential, which has the property of Creation. Thus all space/time and everything in it is a creation of this pure potential. Consciousness is a created awareness level designed to allow different experiences.

Let me try again: Ultimate Awareness is not energetic, does not exist. It is a pure potentiality, an Ultimate Quality. All beings with consciousness have this Ultimate Awareness. So we define Awareness in 2 ways:

A(I) and A(u)

A(I) is the awareness, based on consciousness level (C(l)). A(u) is Ultimate Awareness. A being who, let us say for the sake of argument, has experienced everything in Creation, would have an awareness level equal to all of the levels of consciousness in the All That Is. This could be expressed as:

A(I)= E C(l)<=A(u)

Since A(u) is expressed here as a quantity, and we have declared A(u) to be pure potential, we have a contradiction, for A(u) cannot be expressed mathematically. I have shown:

A(I) <= A(u)

since A(u) is senior to any level of consciousness, is the creator of consciousness. The only way to represent Ultimate Awareness mathematically would be to say

A(u) = A(u).

I recognize this whole discussion is nonsensical, by the way! I’m just having fun. This is a tautology, a completely reflexive statement, and indicates a pure quality, indicates an awareness complete within itself. It is mathematically meaningless, which is a good indicator, since mathematics expresses quantities. A pure quality, obviously, would be mathematically un-expressible.

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