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James A. Swartzmiller

Recently, Jim Swartzmiller wrote us about Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His message was so full of enthusiasm for this Teacher, we asked his permission to reprint parts of it here.

My meeting with Sai Baba was quite recent. I first came across Sai Baba in an article in “Convergence” magazine (Volume 12, Issue 1) by Jerry Thomas entitled “Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar for Our Age.” This article somehow caught far more than my eye. In a roundabout way, it led me to two books that took me solidly into the camp of Sai Baba believers. These books left me firmly convinced that Sai Baba IS the “Avatar for Our Age,” and hungry to delve further into into his teachings.

The first book was “Sai Baba The Holy Man And The Psychiatrist” by Dr. Samuel Sandweiss. This book contains many quotations from Sai Baba’s teaching that rang bells in my heart, and I feel that others should have the opportunity to learn of this new Messenger from God. Sandweiss, a prominent psychiatrist, recounts in revealing detail his conversion from skeptical scientist to believer, and, in the painful shedding of his ego, shows us how God gently, but firmly leads us to His presence.

The second book, “Sai Baba Man of Miracles” by Howard Murphet, does not include many Sai Baba quotations but, except for the last few chapters, provides many, many examples of the miracles that Sai Baba routinely performs. If one has read Dr. Sandweiss’ book, there are few surprises to be found in Murphet’s descriptions. The last few chapters of Murphet’s book, however, provide a glimpse of the wisdom and insight that those who associate with the Avatar seem to attain, and, to my mind, it is this wisdom that makes the book a treasure.

I believe that Sai Baba is here to deliver that wisdom. The miracles, and they truly are miracles, catch our attention, but it is the teaching that reaches hearts. What Sai Baba teaches is the same that Jesus taught, as Sai Baba himself points out, and the same as other Avatars have taught. The difference is that the message is framed in contemporary language and has suffered no editing. I think we are sorely in need of such wisdom, and I am deeply grateful that we have been granted another teacher to bring it to us.

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