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contributed by
Peter A Tranchitella


I seek to know the love that can be found only
through the Spirit.
Searching far and wide I will never find it in
someone else.

This love lives only within my own being.
The Creator’s Love is a living spirit within.

It is as we stand alone that we find ourselves.
In those spaces between us, the spirit moves.
In our union the spirit dwells.
Here is the place of harmony, where we can begin
to relate to another.

In this spiritual essence we are free to know a
greater self.

Seeking freedom from domination and control,
the human heart and mind retreat from love
if the Joy of Freedom is not present.

It is a Joy to know we need not give up our
right to be free
to meet our wants and needs,
to meet our commitments
with conscious choice.

All we can really give another is what we have
come to own within ourselves.
No one can fill our emptiness, no one can fill our hearts.
For if we come to another with a fullness of heart
We will share ourselves without fear or lack.

Our fears that are born of adolescent control
need a spirit’s care, surrendering them we may find
there is a peace to having the freedom to love

Can we accept that freedom of choice, and give it to others?
Can we waken to the reality that there is no need
to manipulate and control those we truly love?
Can we rejoice with them in their freedom of choice?

As we love each other, we create an eternal bond.
God has given us the power to choose ...
Yet we are one in Spirit.

Open Space



As I Look I see … An immutable Stain
Dark Memories
I think to understand
Walls Impenetrable
Pain, slow moving … Alive

Crying in anguish
Then Anger
I tried to remove the stain from the canvas that has been my life
Painted on by a Drunken, Dazed, and Confused Artist

The Harder I Attempt to remove it … the darker it becomes
I Cry out … I will remove it, wipe it out … Nevermore felt
A Hole dark and terrifying … and somehow inviting
I grasp at magic straws … Salvation … Cursing God, and all I know

My heart Pounds Loudly … I hear its sound, caught in its rhythm
I gasp for breath, for light to See … I Cry out
For Love to Be …
Some Part of me

In my Release … Surrender weak and trembling … Peace
This Stain is now Part of a Petal … of A Flower … on a Canvas
That is the Tapestry of My experience … My existence … My Being
My Life

Awake at last … A Dream … A Vision


Open Space



Hear this sound universal as it echoes through the Galactic core
Passing through dead Stars
And Novas Singing

Overcoming the whispers of the Cosmos
Seeking dark unknown shame

Knowing its true meaning
Nothing remains the same

It overturns Idols and Egos … And worship of unreal unknowable gods
It calls forth Hope … and Pain … Standing alone against planetary Denial
Lost among the illusionary pleasures that enmesh Life in its trance

Abused and neglected for Eons. Patronized by those who crave control

It is heard in every Heart … Every Mind … Every Soul
Softened to near silence by our Fear of the true reality

It is a calling … The Universe Singing … to all Souls that seek Seeing

This is the Growing … This is Our Need

The Cry of Love … of Compassion … to awaken us from our Loneliness and Sorrow

Sing with Joy, weep as we may, this song is here … it will Stay

An old Cry Dies fading in the cosmic wilderness of our being
A new Song has begun … This Soul Cries … I need no Longer run

And this heart weeps … it is Joy … it is a Cry … Of Freedom

Open Space


My First Lesson

After years of chasing after happiness, my first lesson was this: My days were spent searching for the meaning of life, only to realize —

· life has no meaning till I give it meaning,
· life has no purpose till I give it purpose,
· Love is not Love till I give Love,
· my soul is Silent until I am ready to listen.

Open Space


What The Future May Bring

Reflecting on how no one really knows what the Future will bring, the thought occurred to me that if I stay in Today with my Spirit, then I need not be concerned about what the Future may bring to me, but about what I bring to the Future.

Open Space


No Shadows!

In the Light of the Divine Spirit only Love can be seen.
And in that Light we cast no shadows.

Open Space


Lest I Forget

Sometimes it seems easy to forget what is important in my Life
When life or people just seem to be at odds with everything I want to accomplish
When I am tired and someone who loves me needs my attention or care
When I fail to act kindly, because I have forgotten for the moment
What is Important in my Life and to my Spirit.

Lest I Forget
That my Spirit is Lifted by Love
That my Soul is infinitely patient
That my Heart responds to my own Kindness
Toward Others, and their Love too
My whole existence here is Temporary
Everything I have is really on loan
That I am only a Steward today,
Peace, Serenity and Grace are given as well as earned
That in the end
Only Kindness Matters

Open Space