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As I Walk This Path
contributed by
Edward Fleming

As I walk this spiritual path, many wonderful experiences have come my way,
and one of the many things I have learned is that it’s not what I get from God,
it is who I am in God.

That’s the difference for me.

Walking the spiritual path

And again,
It is not walking in the knowledge of what we may HAVE that counts,
It is walking in the knowledge of who we ARE that makes the difference -
- freedom!

Walking the spiritual path

WHO is it that can say the things that are on the inside, and be all that you dream you can be? The one that has a burning hope that no one can stop, and that is able to run the race before you with the assurance that you will have the victory no matter what the outcome will be. And when he crosses the finish line there will be for you the prize that awaits the only one that is able to stand up, and stay on top because he knows that there is only one truth and that truth is the essence of his life and the power of his being.

O, we listen to the voices of the wind that speaks to our soul, that makes a sound unknown to the natural mind. But the one that knows all things is the one that will be all you will ever be, because the one that is the life of you is the only one that can give answers to the things we don’t know and will never understand except by him.

This is why I must ever seek to know who I am, and seek the reason I am here in this space that is set for me, that was set from the first and will never be changed, just realized in its fullness.

Walking the spiritual path