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W. Allan

About himself, W. Allan writes, “My name is William Allan. I am a graduate of Washington University and Harris Teachers College in St. Louis, Missouri. I am now living in Bonita Springs, Florida. In the past I have written a column called ‘Secret Reality’ and am now writing my blog at

“I can be reached at or by phone at 1-305-647-1918.”

Whether you realize it or not, you are an artist presently involved in a very intimate creation, your body. Now you may think that your body was given to you at birth, completed and done, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your body is always in a state of becoming, riding a wave of unconscious creativity, springing into existence each moment, following the blueprint of your conscious beliefs about yourself.

All created matter has a given life expectancy and will deteriorate with time, but not because of time alone. No matter is permanent, although some may seem to be. It appears to us that some structures, such as the pyramids at Giza or the Empire State Building, are eternal and unchanging in time. It is a little more obvious to us though, that those structures are made up of the very same elements that make up our body, and we do notice the changes taking place in our bodies almost on a daily basis.

All matter has consciousness. Physical matter could not have become physical matter had it not been actualized through idea, thought and the intense desire of consciousness. Before there was anything physical there was consciousness, not the other way around. Consciousness creates the very matter that makes up the entire universe and all of its physical objects and events. The strength and impetus of our conscious energy (thought) determines the duration of all physical constructions within this universe, including our bodies.

Our physical bodies were planned, considered and impressed into being by our greater self (soul), already vital and alive with intent to be, through an initial explosion of psychic energy not unlike that which gave birth to our world and indeed our entire universe. Our bodies, created through this divine process, this influx of original energy, are constantly recreated and supported by this very same energy directed by our conscious thought. In other words, our bodies were not a final, done deal creation at birth, but are constantly going through instantaneous and continuous rebirths.

Our bodies carry the latent imprint of race, gender, size, and even pre-selected physical deformities at birth. Although genetics play a certain role in this process, our own pre-birth thoughts and desires play a far more important role in our birth and development. This pre-birth plan is only a rough outline for future reference in living our lives, as free will always reigns. Within certain latitudes, there is always room for change, improvement, and growth.

We had a very intimate role in our birth, and even today we are intimately involved in the continuous recreation of that body at every conceivable moment. From the very moment of your birth, you carry the unconscious responsibility for your body’s constant recreation, replicated from your beliefs, thoughts and desires about yourself. The atoms, the cells, the molecules and organs that make up you , have their own consciousness, and must faithfully mirror your thoughts, sifted through your belief structure. Of course, this creative process is so smooth and automatic that you never realize it is happening.

You are the artist, creating your self through your thoughts, except in this case you are also the painting. To change your body, you must change your thoughts about yourself. Any self improvement regimen will have little long lasting effect if you do not change your inner vision of yourself first. You literally think yourself into existence each moment, the unconscious creative process faithfully following your conscious thought.

Whether you are seeking a change in your body or its organs for health or cosmetic reasons, you must realize that your body is like it is because that is the way you currently perceive it to be. Sure, vitamins, proper foods, nutrients, exercise and other factors also have a role to play, but it would be quite correct to say that you are not so much what you eat, and not so much what you do, as you are WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU DO.

To achieve any desired bodily change, imagine yourself the artist, then create a mental painting of you body the way you see it in your mind. If you have an illness, paint a mental image of yourself healed. If you are overweight, paint the mental image of yourself thin. Hold onto that image, think of it often, believe it. Form must follow thought. Don’t expect overnight changes, you have probably been the way you are for a long time and you have to reverse the psychic momentum that has made you the way you are now. You should begin to see and feel appreciable changes within thirty days.


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