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Understanding Layers
Jeff Layton

Our personalities surround our true core of who and what we really are. This layer of personality can be thick and difficult in our daily experience of life.

When we enter solitude and center ourselves, we know who we are, and that we wish to be kind, loving, and compassionate human beings. 

Frustration and self-hate can arise as we experience ourselves moving away from our centers of compassion to our outer turbulent ring of personality. Seeing ourselves act things out in the negative, and give in to our sudden emotional impulses and outbursts, can leave us feeling empty, and lost.

Understand and have compassion for this, our human condition. On this earth plane we are soul, personality, mind, and body. Our soul is our truth and center. Our personality is our outer garment, clad with chatter and self-importance.

It is from each layer’s viewpoint that we are given the opportunity to see and experience the other, through opposite. The Yin and the Yang of the soul and personality are our true gifts, and frustrations in this life.

Compassion, and understanding of our tough job of balancing the soul and personality, can lead us to our truth, and to self-love.

Love is the unifying force of oneness that can reach all.

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