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“God I Am: From Tragic to Magic”
suggested by
Lynn Harrison

Lynn Harrison lives in New Zealand. He tells us that a book called God I Am: From Tragic to Magic by Peter O. Erbe has been very meaningful in his spiritual life, and he recommends it to other seekers.
      Lynn says, “When this book came into my space, it really resonated with me. In fact, I have gone through it, and written out a large number of quotations that I carry with me in the front of my diary. I turn to these in emergencies, when I need to remember who I really am, and can’t seem to make that remembering real.”
     We have not read this book. A search on the internet of Peter O. Erbe and his writing indicates he bases at least some of his conclusions on the evolutionary position of the earth in respect to other astronomical bodies, systems, and forces. He is evidently a channeler, although we do know whether or not this book is channeled material.
     Lynn sent us the excerpt that appears below. We are grateful to Peter O. Erbe and Triad Publishers, who hold the copyright and reserve all rights to it, for permission to reproduce it here. Triad Publishers has a website at

With True Perception there is a correct interpretation of the scene. True Perception in its learning stages is no stranger to succumbing to fear. However, it “owns up” to it, knowing it is alright to be fearful. It makes the shivers of fright “okay”, makes the lump in the stomach valid, it feels it. What is more, it knows it has not only created the situation to present itself with a choice, but knows it has created this very fear itself. How can it fear its own creation? With this understanding it does not run from fear or resist it, but does not give it credibility either. It desires a greater reality than forever tip-toeing through life. And now it approaches the real secret in transmuting fear to love. Knowing that fear is no “outsider” but its own creation, it surrenders all defences! It may still say: “I know intellectually there is nothing to fear for all is God but still I am scared silly. I have heard all the wise words but my heart is still trembling.” Yet it also says: “It is my choice to continue living in fear or to claim a greater reality.” So it is all or nothing. For once I shall trust in my SELF – I surrender – I drop all defences. I rather not live at all than live in fear. This is called vulnerability. It is the ultimate strength, the ultimate safety, however, it is also the hardest thing for any human being ever to do – to surrender one’s own defenses; and this for one reason only: for fear of being hurt yet again. This is where the real fear lies, the fear containing all others, the fear that life is not safe.

This is True Perception’s embrace of the situation, meaning it faces and welcomes it as an opportunity to choose a greater reality.

”God I Am” by Peter O. Erbe