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Being Truth
Colin Jones

In addition to this excellent essay, Colin has posted on the internet an article called “The Armageddon Cycle,” in which he addresses the so-called “End Time” from a new, deeper perspective. The URL or address of that article is

Being Truth
The Most Rapid & Direct Path to Enlightenment
For Dedicated, Advanced Students of Spirituality

Whilst “Being Truth” may not be simple to grasp immediately, with regular contemplation it is not at all difficult to implement. It requires no change in one’s physical interaction with the world. The change takes place in the mind, culminating in the complete transformation of all thinking processes into a new Truth-encompassing framework. The ultimate goal of every spiritual path, Enlightenment, is discovered through the “Being Truth” mental transformation in a minimum time with minimum effort. Not everyone may be ready to implement all the concepts completely, but for those who do, the reward is beyond measure.

Beyond any conceivable idea of time and space exists our true being. Essentially indescribable, it can only be imagined as pure “beingness” in a state of eternally unchanging awareness. From that Unchanging Awareness, the concept of consciousness arises. Within the resulting field of consciousness the world appears. Every single thing that appears to exist within the universe is merely a perception in the mind. This is not negating the world. It is simply realizing that it is appearing only in consciousness. However long the world and it’s objects may appear, their appearance is but a moment in a dream. What begins and ends can only be appearance. The world can be said to appear, but not to be. The appearance may seem to last a very long time, but ultimately it comes to the same. Whatever is time-bound is momentary and has no reality. It may appear to occupy your entire field of consciousness at present, but in your true eternally unchanging state it is not even a speck.

The idea that you or anyone else actually exists as an individual is merely an appearance in the mind. In reality there are no localized points of consciousness, there is only one Unchanging Being. There can be no separation from this Unity, not for anyone ever, not even in the slightest. This is a complete denial of even the concept of individuality. “Being Truth” is not a cure for a problem - there is no real suffering and no real separation. You have never been limited by any condition - it has been merely an appearance in consciousness. You are beyond all attributes. All descriptions, no matter how seemingly divine or supreme, are illusory. All that can be described is merely a play in consciousness. You cannot truthfully say anything about your true state since it will be based only on your mind’s perception of an illusory world. With the mind you can know the false only. The true, you must yourself be.

All you need is to get rid of the tendency to define yourself. It is your fixed idea that you must be something or other, that blinds you. Stop imagining that you were born, have a body, and will die. Stop imagining yourself as being or doing this or that. You are neither living nor dying, thinking nor feeling, active nor passive, happy nor unhappy. These are only aspects of the temporary personality that you appear to exist as. By not identifying with these dreams, the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn. You are beyond the concept of location, beyond the concept of time, beyond the concept of mind. Suffering appears only because the mind is confused and addicted to identifying itself with names, forms, descriptions. To identify yourself with anything is the only obstacle stopping you from Being Truth. Complete non-identification is essential.

To remember what needs to be remembered is the greatest key to success. Continuously become aware of yourself as unidentifiable Unchanging Being. Live as Truth as much as you can, until you revert to it spontaneously. Watch your mind continuously, moment to moment, and free your mind of all thoughts that contradict Truth. There is no simpler and easier way.

Get rid of wrong ideas, that is all. Collecting right ideas will not get you there. Let go of your attachment to the unreal, and the Real will swiftly appear. You need not get at it, for you are it. It will get at you, if you give it a chance. You need not seek it - duality exists only in the mind. What you are, you already are. Enlightenment occurs when the temporary personality accepts that it is in fact completely temporary, and therefore completely unreal, non-existent, and certainly unimportant and unworthy of any real concern. By not identifying with what you are not, you are free of it and remain in your naturally liberated state, spontaneously and effortlessly.

Once “Being Truth” becomes natural, life still remains a succession of events just like before, but you are detached and see the passing show as merely a passing show with complete non-identification. You may interact with the world all you wish, yet not for a moment will you forget that the world is not, that you are dreaming. A dream may be complex and elaborate, yet it has no foundation in reality.

Detach yourself from things that make the mind restless or disturbed. Completely allow the natural flow of life. Desires and fears are merely habits based on memories, and are not obstacles unless you identify them as belonging to you, and feel the need to act on them. Can Pure Being, which has no shape or form, fear anything? Can the unchangeable want or need anything? Identifying with memories inevitably leads to confusion, since they rely on the past perceptions of an essentially confused mind. There is no need to free the mind of all desires, as that will become a process without end. Simply observe what happens, as and when it happens, without identification, realizing that you are not what happens, you are not even the witness, you are Pure Unchanging Being.

The universe is complete and perfect, and where there is perfection, where nothings lacks, how can suffering exist? Each part of the whole, when seen in relation to the whole, is also perfect. It is only when a part is seen in isolation that it seems to become deficient and thus suffering can appear to exist. It is the naturally dualistic state of the mind that constantly separates, automatically obscuring the whole. It is only by going beyond the mind that wholeness is found.

Do not be concerned with physical limitations. Unchanging Being is never concerned with this temporary appearance. Let the physical expressions appear limited. So what? It makes no difference. There is no need to change anything in the world, since it is only appearance. Truth is only found beyond the world of appearance.

The final mistake is to imagine that you are the witness of this life. This is still identification with the mind, although in it’s cleanest state. It is still a separation from Truth, there is still duality. You are still a stranger to reality. Only where there is absolutely no identification is there Pure Unchanging Being.

Ending the Search - The Path of Pure Meditation

Within Pure Unchanging Being reside the natural qualities of Perfect Peace & Bliss, Perfect Freedom & Unity. But these cannot be achieved. They are not dependant on progress or experience. You are not lacking anything necessary, you are always already in that state. To experience that state, there must be absolutely no contraction of the naturally infinite silence, through a total lack of attention.

There is no need to do anything. Pure Being is prior to effort. Nothing can help you achieve a state of Unchanging Awareness. No special techniques or meditation exercises - no visions, no colors, no lights, no energies, no entities. Nothing that involves change. These are all forms of effort and indicate your identification with temporary experience. Pure Being is prior to effort.

Truth arises spontaneously when there is no contradiction of it. Identifying with anything involving change is a contradiction of Truth. There can be no identification with hopes, plans, goals, progress. No seeking of true form or purpose. No future, no past, no present. No conclusion, no escape, no perfection. No dilemma, no suffering, no search. No gain, no release, no direction, no distance. No assessment, no interpretation, no perception, no differentiation, no need for understanding. No body, no name, no childhood, no death. No difficulty, no resistance, no opposition, no conflict, no concern. These all indicate identification and change, contradictions of unidentifiable Unchanging Being.

No experience can be Truth. It is merely a brief appearance in Consciousness. Truth is Perfect Unchanging Awareness. It is not possible to be aware of Unchanging Awareness - it cannot be an object of attention, which is a form of activity and therefore separation. By not creating any separation, you may naturally and spontaneously enjoy Unchanging Awareness, not as the object of enjoyment but as enjoyment itself, the very Being. No experience should be sought, not even spiritual experience. Truth appears only when there is no-one to experience it. To allow it, you must simply Be.

To go beyond the mind like this, it must first be eased into a silent state. Start by asking “Who Am I?” Since you know that the answer is unknowable through the mind, as soon as any thought appears, state “I am not this” and instantly release it. Don’t bother to pause and assess any thought, it can’t be important or valid, since it can only be distraction to this process. Continually release all arising thoughts instantly, and very soon the mind realizes the futility of it’s action, and will be silent. Then you must ensure that there be absolutely no contraction of the naturally infinite silence, through a total lack of attention. No Attention = No Identification With Mind = No Contraction of Silence = Pure Meditation. The more time spent in this state, the greater connection you will feel with Pure Being.

Possible ‘Being Truth’ Difficulties

One should understand that the practice of ‘Being Truth’ is identical to the accomplishment of ‘Being Truth’. Otherwise One is liable to rely on the practice leading to the experience of Enlightenment. Whilst the experience of Enlightenment may occur at the conscious physical level at some time (or maybe not), so long as One holds this expectation or maintains a hope for some future success, ‘Being Truth’ will surely remain out of reach.

Similarly, if One makes a genuine dedication to ‘Being Truth’ but cherishes a ‘hidden hope’ that some day One may find an experience superior to the Present, then One is not allowing Oneself to experience the Being-ness that already is.

Similarly, if One makes a genuine dedication to ‘Being Truth’ but cherishes a ‘hidden hope’ that some day One may learn a teaching superior to ‘Being Truth’, then One is not completely accepting the Truth of Being-ness.

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