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The Journey
Charlie Baker

Speaking of The Journey, Charlie Baker wrote us, “This poem evolved over a period of 25 years from start to finish. I think it is done now, but one never knows.”

My dreams are made of wooden tears
& leaves of gold & green.
My thoughts consist of sailing through
a beaming crystal theme,
of the dying trees & of living free
to go & come again,
to walk the wooded paths with you
& share what I have seen.

My dreams are made of tears & wood
& leaves of every hue.
My thoughts are borne upon the wind,
in crystal greens & blues.
Through molting trees in autumn breeze,
with hearts so full of song,
I’ll walk the wooded paths with you
& be where I belong.

My dreams are made of Hopes & tears
& leaves of God’s pure Light.
My thoughts are sailing o’er the sea,
toward a beacon in the night.
Beneath the boughs of the tree of Life,
we’ll sing & dance & talk.
In His name, within His arms
& in His Light we’ll walk.

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