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Sverre Andreassen

Sverre Andreassen is a friend of The Zoo Fence who lives in Oslo, Norway.
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I am a graduate of a certain school, just like most of you.

I have accepted the curriculum of this school without doubt. Its teaching has become engrained into my very nature. I have developed and enlarged it. My outlook on life is totally colored by it. Basically, every experience in life, every institution in our society, most people I have met, seem to confirm the correctness of its philosophy.

One day, I realized with a shock that this teaching was false. It was not just incorrect, a little bit off the mark so to speak, but it was totally in its entirety unacceptable! It was not only unacceptable, but tragic, empty and without meaning. It was false. And yet I had spent my whole life living according to it.

It is true I had been interested in alternative points of view, often seeking new knowledge, but only as enhancements or supplements to my basic position. I did not realize that everything I believed in was wrong.

This teaching is not taught as much explicitly as indirectly. It is not taught as much through what people say as through what they do. It is not taught as much through public declarations and statements as in actual events in the course of history.

We know its axioms. The most important one says “Physical survival is the single most important issue in life.” As if any one of us ever will! How can we accept this as a basic premise for our philosophy of life when it is not true?

From the postulate of survival, many other aspects of this teaching can be deduced. Of course, fear is a basic part of it, the fact that there is a real reason for fear. That fear is valid and justifiable, as it is conducive to the primary goal, survival. That kind of survival, as we all know, will not happen.

It takes time to get rid of this ideology in oneself. But nothing can be more important. Fortunately, there is another school. Its primary objective is to “un-teach” what we have learned in the first.

At times, when I close my eyes, it is as if I can see this system as a gray cloud covering part of my being. Some areas have been uncovered, and they are shining and luminous, other areas are still dark.

If you examine your every thought, every feeling, every action, you may discover its source, what ideology it is based on. Is it worthy of you? Do you want to keep it? I believe this is the work we must do to free ourselves, to “enlighten” our being.

I have been hearing this from many sources. Now, I realize it is true. There are two roads in life, and each of us is free to choose either. You may think that there are many philosophies, many ideologies to follow. I believe there are basically only two –

And one of them is false.

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