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The Path
by Anonymous

About this work, the contributor observes,
“This is a poem I wrote some time ago. Yet I did not write it.”

We will walk side by side
Neither leading.

We will stop to appreciate each other
And the miracle in which we live.

Each word of fondness
Which we express to each other

Will ring in the heavens
To reach the soul

Of all who have yet to experience
The blessings given us.

We will give all we can
Knowing in truth that all we give

Is all that we have been given.
We will share the mystery

And life’s blessings
With all who come to us

Knowing them as brothers
And that they are

Blessed, Healed, Whole, Forgiven, Innocent.

We will awaken in them
All that is their inheritance

And give God’s gift of Love

Living in the mystery

Your Love
For Love
From Love
To Love

For love is
All we are.

Open Space