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Trapped in A Box
The Reflection of The World

This poet is a very precious friend of The Zoo Fence.
She wrote these as a highschool freshman many years ago.

Open Space

Trapped in a box

The walls closing in
Ceiling tumbling down
Being suffocated by fear
All worries disappear

Afraid of the future
Upset over the past
Time goes on
So does life

Broken apart by death
Mended together with strength
Always comes back to haunt
Even though it’s gone

Afraid of death
Can’t stand life alone

Suicide thought about
That will never become
Have to stay strong
Stay to protect, everyone
From harm’s path

Open Space

The Reflection of The World

Mirrors into the soul
Windows of the future
Endless hole that keeps pulling you in
A hole of no return.

Scarlet fires burning in your heart
Light shining in, forming diamonds,
Fading into rainbows of color
Granting access to a free world

Waiting for a path to follow
Becoming entrapped with rage

Undiscovered beauty splattered in your life
Deep darkness surrounded by bright light
Pools of glass reflecting hope

Creating a miracle
Flight of a free bird

Flying away into a strange new immortality.

Open Space