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I Met Myself
Anna Bohannan

Writing of herself, this poet observes, “I am about the business of learning to live consciously. The choices that I make create the reality that I experience each day. When I choose my highest good, I experience my Higher Self.”
     Anna Bohannan is Director of Chat Conferencing at “Unitics Online,” and invites you to join her there. She has a personal web site called “Anna’s Expresso Cafe,” where you will find more of her poetry as well as some excellent links.

I’ve done the rugged nature thing,
I’ve been the blue-eyed jungle girl,
I’ve cast the nets and spread my wings,
I’ve known first-hand the natural world …

I’ve danced the dance of midnight stars,
I’ve bathed in rivers used by Queens,
I’ve shunned the cities and the cars,
I’ve gazed at earth’s most brilliant scenes …

I’ve walked the cool, damp jungle floor,
I’ve let the earth caress my feet,
I’ve felt its rumble and its roar,
I’ve gathered coconuts to eat …..

I’ve lain beneath the towering trees,
And listened to the birds converse,
They communicate with utmost ease,
Their songs so lovely and diverse …..

I’ve searched the sea for food to live,
I’ve speared the swiftly moving fish,
Freely did the ocean give
Her bountiful and delicious dish …..

I’ve walked for miles and met myself,
I’ve spent dark nights when no moon shone,
When opened eyes can see no thing,
You feel you truly are alone …

I’ve taken all this home with me,
I’ve kept it close inside my soul,
I’ve used its power to be free,
I’ve learned my purpose and my goal …

I’ve opened up my heart and mind,
I’ve opened up my secret soul,
I’ve made a space for the Divine,
And now must grow into that role … …

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