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If you are considering submitting a contribution to Open Space at The Zoo Fence, please read these Guidelines carefully first.

Submissions that do not conform to these guidelines will probably not be read.

  • Contributions are welcome. They may be your own original work in almost any format, or something you have come across somewhere else, like a prayer, a passage from a book, or a website. In the latter cases, please include several sentences or a brief paragraph explaining why the material or site was meaningful to you.
  • Open Space is not an advertising medium. Please do not submit material promoting your own website, the sale of a book you have written, a course of instruction or a program of practices which you have devised, or the like.
  • Please consider that your readers are sensitive, mature, dedicated seekers from many different spiritual traditions, and deserve to be addressed with respect, a gentle touch, and in love.
  • Copyright of all original material is retained by its author. If you are submitting material written by someone else (a quotation from a book or a magazine or a website, for example), please include the title, author, publisher, and the page on which the quotation appears, or as much of that information as you have, so that we can cite their copyright.
  • Accepted contributions will be posted on OPEN SPACE for at least thirty days, perhaps indefinitely. We will remove any item if requested to do so by its author. We reserve the right (1) to reject contributions, and (2) to remove posted contributions, without explanation.
  • We may edit contributions for length and content. Generally, we will inform writers of such changes before we post their material.
  • You must let us know clearly and specifically whether or not you would like us to include with your contribution all, some, or none of the following: your name, your e-mail address, your postal address, your web site URL (if you have one). If you would like any of that information posted, please provide it to us as you would like it to appear, including a statement specifically stating you would like the information to appear with your post. Also, please provide a brief sentence about yourself (or about the item you are contributing), if you would like us to include that.
  • Submit your contribution in the body of an e-mail message. That is, not as an attached file. Attached files are automatically deleted by our email editor, unopened and unread.
  • Include in your message’s Subject line the words “Open Space”.
  • Send only one submission at a time. That is, if you are a writer, artist, or other professional with more than one item you would like us to consider, please include only one of them in any message you send to us.
  • In submitting your contribution, please introduce it with a brief sentence, such as “The following is an item [or a poem or an article or whatever] which I would like to contribute to Open Space at The Zoo Fence”. We receive a lot of email, much of it spam, and if you fail to identify your contribution properly, our email editor may delete it, unopened and unread.
  • We regret we cannot pay for submissions in any currency other than our respect and gratitude, which we offer in abundance.
  • Although submission of your work to The Zoo Fence indicates your acceptance of these guidelines, and constitutes your permission to us to post it on Open Space, we need to have a specific statement from you, such as “I have read and understood the Open Space Guidelines”.

Thank you for considering contributing to OPEN SPACE.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Before sending your contribution to us, please re-read the preceding Guidelines carefully to be certain you have followed them. Otherwise, it is very possible, even likely, our email editor will delete your message, unopened and unread.

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