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The Zoo Fence
A Commentary on The Spiritual Life

The Zoo Fence


Intense, abiding, and spontaneous
Yearning for God
is a self-sufficient practice,
and the simplest path.


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Riddle me this:
How come there is God
but there is not a God?



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The Sacred Riddle

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The Simple Way

Articles and essays on living a life of spirit
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Advice and guidance on prayer and meditation, healing, some women's issues
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Letters from our visitors and our responses


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The sometimes silly antics of a well-intentioned seeker in search of God
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Art Gallery

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Cranberry County stories and some other good stuff
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Essays, articles, poetry and other input from our visitors
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Assorted ruminations, suggestions, observations, and other considerations of interest to a seeker.
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Links to counseling, meditational, prayerful, inspiring, and other fine sites on the world wide web

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Non-sectarian, non-denominational prayers and meditations
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